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Libro pachitanglang en inglés-pachitanglang book in English.

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Ya está disponible la edición del libro Pachi Tanglang Chuan del Maestro Su Yu-Chang en versión inglesa.
The new edition of the Pachi Tanglang Chuan book of the Master Su Yu-Chang is available in English version.

En el siguiente link pueden descargar el índice de contenidos:
Into the following link they can come out the index of contents:

Índice – Index

«This is a Kung Fu book, a book about the Art of Movement. Within these pages you will find an outline of what it means to study traditional Chinese Martial Arts, of what it means to set out on a life-long journey that opens the way to the mastery of the entirety of the human being, a wholeness which contemporary science only begins to conceive. By means of the Art of Movement it is possible to act upon the complete reality of the organism, and to develop full control of the energetic body that martial artists use to fight.

Pachi Tanglang Chuan is the body of knowledge transmitted by Master Su Yu-Chang, which includes five complete styles. Today, it is very difficult to find masters who know even one complete style. Indeed, this remarkable wealth of traditional Kung Fu knowledge is unlikely to be gathered in one single person ever again.

A living legend since his early youth, Master Su Yu-Chang (Taiwan, 1940) stands as a beacon in the Martial Arts world. He has taught traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Philosophy and Medicine for more than fifty years in Asia, Europe and the Americas.»

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